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4WFOOD is a company that provides consulting and training services for the entire food production chain.

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Consultancy on quality management and food safety systems, including diagnostic audits and/or internal audits in its scope.

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Why choose 4WFOOD?

  • Consultants and instructors with over 30 years of experience


  • Reference in the market

  • Food safety and quality experts

  • Specialists in allergen management, food fraud and food defense

  • HACCP specialists

  • Specialists in national legislation, Europe and the United States

  • Experience also with management systems in food packaging and  animal feeding
    (FAMI-QS, GMP+ and Sindirations)


  • Remote and/or face-to-face work

How it works

  • We carry out a diagnostic audit to assess the current situation of the management system;

  • We align and validate the consulting work schedule with the client;

  • We identified the minimum training necessary for the qualification of those involved;

  • We guide and monitor the progress of the implementation work through meetings, guidelines and clarifications;

  • We carry out the internal audit to assess the implementation of the standard at the end of implementation;

  • Now just look for a Certification Body and schedule your audit.

provision of services of
consulting and training for all:

food production sector


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